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Gilles Sturzpads universal 53mm Padlänge
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Gilles Tooling Sturzpads universal Zwei Pads ohne jegliches Anbaumaterial, für do-it-yourself-Bastler. Details: spezielles, integriertes Impact Inlay mit hoher Schlagdämpfung das Risiko von Motor- und Rahmenbeschädigungen wird stark vermindert formvollendete Aufprallkörper aus speziellem Kunststoff für beste Schleifeigenschaften und Abriebfestigkeit Zulassung:Der ist nicht eintragungspflichtig. Preis pro Paar (ohne Anbausatz).

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French Start Talking - Conversations pour début...
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Do you begin to learn French or wish to remind yourself of the vocabulary needed to speak confidently in everyday situations? This audio course is aimed to break down the speaking barrier. Through a general broadening of vocabulary at elementary level it develops communication skills in typical situations. It teaches how to ask questions, make requests, pass on information and solve everyday problems, also on a journey abroad. How will this course help you? "French - Start Talking" covers 30 topics of everyday conversations and the exercises in each lesson help you remember the words and pronunciation easily. Each lesson contains: learning of the words and phrases needed to conduct conversations; repeating and consolidating of whole sentences and questions in various situations; answering questions and independent formation of sentences and questions while following the teacher's instructions (the recordings of example answers will enable you to check your answers immediately). What are the advantages of using this course? You will learn and master over 900 vital words and expressions. More than 400 example sentences will teach you how to use these words and phrases in everyday language. All the words and expressions are recorded with translations, which enables easier use of the course and allows a faster mastery and consolidation of the material. This is effective learning, easy and available to everyone. The PDF file contains the full text of the course: words and phrases with translations, sentences and questions to be repeated, exercises with example answers. PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Nicolas Rougier, Gilles Quentel, Maybe Theatre Company. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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